Lotion Mustajab Superhot with Capsicum

MUSTAJAB Super Hot with Capsicum Lotion
Lotion Mustajab Superhot with Capsicum is formulated with Ginger Extract and Capsicum for extra heat sensation specially for workout and active lifestyle.

Using Red and Black as colour theme to describe the heat sensation, Lotion Mustajab Superhot with Capsicum is suitable for Men and Woman.

It is also Non Oily, Non Sticky and easily absorbed to skin. The heat sensation will slowly feel by users continuously especially after shower, workout and active activity.

Easy to use, handy and smells fresh is also one of the advantage of Lotion Mustajab Superhot with Capsicum.

Main Usage : Fat Burner And Usage During Sports Activity.

Product Descriptions :

• Formulated with capsicum for active lifestyle and fat burning.

• Can be used during exercise to stimulate fat burning.

• To avoid muscle pain and soreness during active sports.

• Help to get rid of stubborn fats and cellulite.

• Can be used frequently, non oily and easily absorbed.

• Special for those who love more heat sensation.