Lotion Mustajab Ginger Extract

MUSTAJAB Ginger Extract Lotion
Lotion Mustajab Ginger Extract is the first main product introduced by Dunia Herbs which become the pioneer of Ginger Extract Lotion in Malaysia.

The idea is to combine modern method with traditional herbs using finest ingredients to make sure the effectiveness of the product itself.

Lotion Mustajab Ginger Extract which using yellow colour as its theme colour has mild heat sensation and suitable for whole family usage. It also can absorb easily to the skin and non oily.

Main Usage : Multipurpose Deep Heat Lotion.

Product Descriptions :

• Multipurpose deep heat lotion for whole family usage except for babies.

• Can be used frequently, non oily and easily absorbed.

• Helps to reduce belly fat and cellulite.

• Reduce menstrual pain externally.

• Reduce muscle pain and soreness.

• To help to get relief from stomach gas and flatulence bloating.

• To reduce swelling and itching from mild insect bite.

• Can be used during massage for the whole body.

• Helps to relieve pain due to gout.